WHITEPAPER Going Beyond BVLOS Why Fully-Autonomous Systems Should Be Your End Goal

Technologies for BVLOS operations deliver economic, operational and safety benefits that can far exceed more traditional methods of linear asset inspection.

However, implementing these solutions are not as straightforward as many operators would like. The main reason?

Innovations and solutions are arriving faster than airspace regulations can keep up, and the resulting regulatory hurdles can put a choke hold on operators who are eager to progress.

This paper is designed to help operators who are feeling caught in between the expectation to find better ways to inspect, monitor and manage long-range linear assets while dealing with a regulatory reality that seems to make doing so cumbersome – even preventative. It covers:

  • The regulatory landscape
  • Examples of real-world BVLOS solutions in practice, despite heavy regulations
  • The value of fully-autonomous systems versus equipping a system for BVLOS alone
  • What a fully-autonomous system for BVLOS looks like